Agricola San Maurizio
Visit and cheese tasting in the Comino Valley

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  • Agricola San Maurizio

  • Settefrati, Frosinone
  • 2 hours
  • Everyday
  • Tour, Tasting
  • Italian

What it includes

  1. 1
    Visit of the company
  2. 2
    Visit to the dairy
  3. 3
    Cheese tasting

The experience in short

Among the wonders of the Comino valley , in the province of Frosinone, there is an area always dedicated to sheep farming. Here you can visit our San Maurizio farm which has been breeding indigenous species to produce traditional cheeses for 9 generations.

We will introduce you to our company, our animals and visit the dairy where the cheese is produced. After learning how "white gold" turns into hot ricotta, yogurt, salted ricotta, marzoline, mozzarella and Pecorino di Picinisco DOP you can delight your palate thanks to a nice tasting immersed in nature.

Who you will meet

Agricola San Maurizio - Maria e Anna
Maria e Anna

In the small laboratory immersed in the countryside of Settefrati, in the province of Frosinone, in the heart of the Val di Comino, Maria (chief of the casara) together with Mrs. Anna produce hot ricotta, yogurt, salted ricotta every morning , marzoline, mozzarella and the legendary Pecorino di Picinisco DOP .

Cheeses become an opportunity to make their territory known. Maria will welcome you with a cup of milk and typical local products and then get to the heart of the dairy production.

Where it takes place

The tour will take place at our farm:

Agricola San Maurizio

Via Colle Pizzuto, 21 - Settefrati - (Frosinone)

Agricola San Maurizio is a family-run company, located between the municipality of Picinisco and Settefrati, in the Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park , south of the province of Frosinone, in the the heart of the Comino Valley.

For more than thirty years he has been dealing with sheep, goat and cattle breeding , following the inter-chain from milk to the production of traditional local cheeses. The breeding takes place in the pasture and in the summer months, from June to August, transhuman at 1400 meters of altitude on the Metafino Mountains in Prati di Mezzo.

The Azienda Agricola San Maurizio is a producer of Pecorino di Picinisco DOP.

Our products

  • DOP
  1. Pecorino di Picinisco DOP
  2. Formaggi freschi

Pecorino di Picinisco PDO from Agricola San Maurizio is an ancient cheese from the Comino Valley, with an unmistakable flavor.

How to define the Pecorino di Picinisco? "Proudly mountain, thanks to its authentic, herbaceous and floral aromas, typical of the pastures of the Comino Valley , on which dominate among all those of chamomile and daisy. A cheese that tastes of butter and hazelnut, with a savory and decisive flavor. The more powerful the more you go with the seasoning, perfect to be consumed in purity. "

Book online and pay at the company

The reservation at Agricola San Maurizio requires only a down payment of 3,00 € per person at the time of booking, non-refundable. You will weld the rest directly to the company at the time of use.

Free withdrawal

The experiences at Agricola San Maurizio they can be canceled 48 hours free before they start.
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