Torre Sant’Emiliano
Discover the Salento dairy tradition

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  • Torre Sant’Emiliano

  • Otranto, Lecce
  • 2 hours
  • Everyday
  • Tour, Tasting
  • Italian, English

What it includes

  1. 1
    Visit to the dairy
  2. 2
    Cheese tasting with jams and honey

The experience in short

A sensory journey to discover the Salento dairy tradition . A unique experience to fully experience Puglia and Salento and its traditional flavors.

Guests can visit the dairy with Mastro Casaro who will illustrate the production phases of Torre Sant’Emiliano cheese, from the cultivation of the land to grazing and milking. The visit ends with a cheese tasting : from fresh ones such as ricotta, first salt and giuncata, to semi-mature ones such as shepherd's mountains, caciotta, moretto, autigne, pecorino, wild pecorino, pecorino Riserva and Don Alberto.

Where it takes place

The tour will take place at our farm:

Torre Sant’Emiliano

Litoranea Otranto Porto Badisco, S.P. 87 km 7 - Otranto - (Lecce)

Torre S. Emiliano - Cheeses of the Terra d'Otranto born from Alberto Negro's love for the land and nature

Wisdom and tradition allow Torre Sant’Emiliano to create pure products like those of the past, similar to the famous cheeses of the medieval monks of the nearby monastery of San Nicola De Casulis.

The manufacturing process is marked by ancient rhythms and gestures. Thus, the cheese and ricotta made from our milk take on natural and genuine qualities, with an inimitable taste. In the farm, all animals graze in the open air, eating what the earth offers, thus producing a qualitatively high milk.

Our products

  • KM0
  1. Pecorino Torre Sant'Emiliano - semi-stagionato
  2. Pecorino di Campo
  3. Pecorino Riserva
  4. Don Alberto - formaggio con latte vaccino e ovino
  5. Cacioricotta stagionato - P.A.T.
  6. Autigne - formaggio con latte vaccino, caprino e ovino.
  7. Moretto - formaggio semimorbido
  8. Monti Pastori e Caciotta - semistagionati misti
  9. 12 Capre - con latte caprino e vaccino

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